Where to start…

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First and foremost, congratulations to the recently successful ACEM Fellowship exam candidates!

A well earned success, and relief from study… for now.

A special congratulations to Dr Mya Cubitt on her Buchanan Prize (I’m quietly claiming her as one of my own…)


Over the last few week, I have been asked on numerous occasions about where one should start in their approach to their upcoming fellowship exams.

It is a tough question, and no doubt for the candidate, a grab at finding a path in the overgrown jungle that is the ACEM curriculum.

I would suggest:

1. Forget the podcasts for the written exam – Too much controversy and too little time. You will get bogged down and confuse yourself on the day.

2. You need a study plan that comprehensively covers the areas of study, with some form of chronology.

3. HTFU – it isn’t going to come easy.


“If you want to learn how to prepare a gourmet dish, you would ask the chef, and not the waiter. If you want to pass an exam… ask the examiner”

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