Beaver does: Saint Crispin

DSCF2837 DSCF2838

I know I’ll get an ear full for saying this, but….

I was disappointed.


I’m not sure if its because I had been building this place up in my mind, over time, and had an expectation that I would be ‘blown away’.

Maybe it’s because of Estelle. And it’s lacking a point of difference. But don’t get me wrong, the food is solid. The service exceptional and the ambience up there with the best. How can you not be impressed by a man torching your Salmon with a blow torch?

Must Have:

The 5 course chef’s selection (because more will make you spew).



One thought on “Beaver does: Saint Crispin

  1. OMG you’re soft Beaver!!

    Must have 7 courses with matching wines! The sommelier loves his job!!

    Every dish has a point of difference and tantalises your tastebuds!

    Puts places like Cutler & Co to shame!

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