Beaver does: Gingerboy



My best friend was recently lamenting his current 8 to 5, five days a week job.

None of this surprises me, having happily been a shift worker most of my life. Those who follow the conventional daily grind of weekdays and yearnings for weekends will never know the joy of a mid-week “weekend”.

Stroll in to any of Melbourne’s finest, and you rarely need a booking. And for places that don’t take bookings, there is almost never a need to line up.


Glorified south east asian street food.

Must have:

The Blue Swimmer crab Wontons.

Son-in-Law Eggs with Chilli jam.



Unjustifiable food prices (even for Melbourne)

Best to think of this place as a Bar that serves tasty treats, than an eatery that serves great drinks…

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