Beaver does: Bowery to Williamsburg

DSCF2422 DSCF2424 DSCF2427 IMG_3542

After some time reminiscing on our honeymoon to New York, we decided to take a punt and finally try out this not so new eatery in town. The whole experience might have been spoilt by our extremely fond memories of the Big Apple, but if a cafe is going to survive and thrive in Melbourne, and not rely primarily on ‘novelty’, there are a few fundamentals:

1. Decent Coffee (i.e make a shit American style coffee an option… rather than making it all there is available).

2. If it’s winter… get some more seating inside, or buy a few more heaters.

3. Good service and being reasonable.

Enough whining though!

The food was actually good.

Must Have:

Breakfast board with choice of bagel.

The steak and eggs – a perfect hangover cure…



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